medical records

Better preservation and sharing of patients’ information

Digitization of Medical Records

Medical Records digitization

Medical records include prescriptions, patients' records, billing, Tele-radiological and PACS images. These are mainly the documents that play an important role in the regular workflow of a healthcare center. Every day multiple of these documents are generated at various departments in the healthcare center. Although most of these documents serve a short lived purpose and end up as a record at the end of its term, its importance cannot be denied for they constantly need to be retrieved for reference, proof, training etc. When not in use, they only consume a huge fraction of physical space in office, while you cannot completely throw these records away. As a result, these hard copies:

  • Creates huge mess in your office
  • Make search and retrieval difficult when required
  • Consumes physical space in office

The process of scanning and digitization helps in compressing the hardcopies into digital files that can be stored in a virtual repository to enable easy search, save space and clear up the office mess without losing any data.