where is digitization required

Organizations with unorganized documents

where is digitization required

Digitization is broadly required in verticals where excess use of documents plays an integral part of the regular workflow. These documents can neither be thrown away, nor be archived systematically, as they are so huge in number.

Healthcare field: Prescriptions, forms, DICOM images, Teleradiological images, reports, receipts etc.

Finance and accounts: Papers, proposals, legal documents, invoices, receipts, pay orders, reports, and presentations.

Banking: Challans, receipts, cheques, banks statements, legal documents etc.

Corporate: Proposals, agreements, forms, brochures, flyers, presentations, drawings, photographs, videos, media kits.

Print Media: drawings, old publications, magazines, press releases, sound bites, old videos, media kits

Government and public sectors: Documents, legal papers, orders, invoices, pay orders, records, and archives.