steps of digitization

Four Main Steps of Digitization

steps of digitization

Steps of Digitization

There are various steps involved in the process of digitization.

Step I. Collection Preparation
Collecting the content that needs to be digitized
Organizing and structuring the documents in the desired order
Define the content through index, catalogue etc

Step II. Develop production workplan
Delegation of tasks
Contracting the professionals with expertise in organizing and digitizing various types of original hard copy documents such as bound paper, loose paper, still photographs, searchable texts, microfilms; and specialize in activities such as scanning, capturing, organizing, indexing etc.

Step III. Digital Capture Initial capturing: This process is mainly executed onsite by the staff, with the help of the collected devices and tool.
Post-capturing: This step of post-capturing is carried out offsite. It involves the technical procedures for storing the captured data, making them searchable, reformatting, compressing, naming the files, creating backups etc.

Step IV. Quality Check
Verify delivery of 100% of the task
Take feedback from the clients
Carry out the re-work if any.

Step V. Archive
Store all the digitized document in the desired folder, repository, system, device or document management system.

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