FAQ - Digitization

Know more about digitization services

  • What do we digitize?
    We digitize books, hardbound papers, official documents, PACS images and medical records, images, CAD drawing, microfilms.
  • How do we digitize?

    We digitize with the best quality scanners converting the documents into PDF or TIFF files. Scanning is followed by systematic meta tagging to make them more searchable.

  • What is the minimum quantity for digitizing?
    We digitize documents in bulk with a minimum of 10k.
  • What about document security and confidentiality?
    We are an ISO 9000, ISO 27000 and ISO 20000 certified organization. Compliance with ISO 9000 assured quality management, ISO 27000 stands for information security management system, while ISO 20000 deals with IT security management. Adherence to all three compliances would assure you complete data security and best quality output