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Form Processing Software - i-form

Forms are an important part of workflow in various verticals such as education, insurance, finance and telecommunication, where basic model of revenue generation depends on the prospects of CAF (Customer Application Forms). In such cases deriving the output of each form through processing should be prompt. Similarly, examination boards where OMR based examination takes place, scanning process and data extraction takes a lot of time.

Usually, the customer has to deploy a couple of vendors to first conduct the scanning process followed by deploying another one to process the form if they have not already bought and installed one.

For all those organizations where form processing is a recurring job, i-form can be offered as product. Our professionals can train the personnel in the software so that they can execute the basic task, which is templatization. On the basis of the template that determines the fields and with the help of a correct reference sheet, the system generates the 99% accurate data through comparison that happens at a speed of 7200 pages per minute. Thus the software shrinks the process of data evaluation from multiple days to just a single day automated task.