Image & Form Pocessing

Processing of forms and image recognition

form processing

Forms or customer application forms command a major fraction of business workflow in certain verticals, like education, tele-communications, insurance and banking. Thousands of forms are submitted everyday that need to be collected, analyzed, verified with supporting documents to finally achieve an end result. A form has various components, such as images, passport size photos, signature, barcodes, optical marks, handwriting etc. For a scanner, the entire thing is one single image. It is only with the help of an image processing software that various components of each form are recognized as a specific component and saved in the database accordingly.

In order to keep up with the latest technology, instead of manual data entry organization resort to various form processing and image processing software available in the market.

However, the process has various challenges:

  • For a scanner, the entire file is one single image and cannot separately identify each of the unique component in the image.
  • Various types of dedicated OMR scanner and ICR scanners are used to serve the entire purpose as most of these software cannot singularly extract data from the typical PDF or jpeg files.
  • They might not be readable if these documents are scanned with a normal scanner.
  • There are very few organization offering a service from a single window system. You have to move from vendor to vendor to get services at different phases of the entire process.

What we offer in the form processing service?

We offer a single window system whereby the entire service is offered at a very less price right from scanning (where you do not need dedicated OMR scanners) with best quality scanners, through data extraction and processing resorting to state of art OMR, ICR, image and barcode recognition software that can read and extract each component as a separate data from general PDF and jpeg files.

The software automates the process of data recognition and extraction with updated ICR technologies and secures the information in a database. This process is automatically followed by processing of data and result generation to relieve you completely from the hassles of multi-vendor and manual data entry and evaluation process.