document management systems

Bulk Drag and Drop

document management

Document management systems are dedicated software used for addressing the requirements related to management and proper maintenance of bulk digital documents belonging to organizations who have migrated to soft copies from hardcopy management through the process of scanning. Some organizations have already migrated from hardcopy to soft copies. These organizations only require a document management system as a product. However, for those who still resort to traditional soft copy management, do want to upgrade to softcopy management starting with document digitization and scanning.

Record Management

A document management system can work as a mere record manager of old documents, in the form of a digital repository. A DMS can also be more pro-active in nature, by offering more features such as restricting access, document versioning, document audit logs, document sharing, web based document creation. Some advanced document management software also automates document oriented workflow and document centric business processes.

Document Workflow

Our indigenous document management system i-doc is one of those software that not only act as a record management, but also as as a workflow manager where the user can create the entire business process that can be conducted through i-doc, with an inherent easy to use drag and drop workflow creator and automate the movement of the documents from one point of the business process to another mitigating the manual process.